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Bhakti Yoga amidst Crab Mentality, Bitterness, and Jealousy



Bhakti Yoga amidst Crab Mentality, Bitterness, and Jealousy

The world if full of bitter, jealous people.  You need not look far but into your daily life, within the circle of your relatives, domestics, peers, colleagues.  It is ironic, instead of people wishing others well.  They long for others to fall flat on their face.  People waste their time on petty mundane gossip, ridiculing others who they are secretly jealous of.  These type of people go to church regularly, yet see nothing wrong with being mean to ordinary people they come across in daily life, power-tripping them in venues where they have power, like their work, if they hold small office jobs.  Frustrated and bitter in their life, they are so pathetic in that the only way they can feel big and good about themselves, is in inflicting pain to others, through insults, powertripping to hide their inner jealousy. 

Instead of espousing false empty piety on Sunday worships, people should instead develop inner compassion towards everyone.  Rise above the pettiness of gossip, small-hearted meanness, and be truly happy for the happiness of others.

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