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Bruno and Me/My New Portfolio Photos/Bruno's baby to adult photos. For our complete photos, see our Online Album on the link on My Photos

The happiest times of my life with my onliest Baby Mwerzh. A big overgrown baby he does not mind being suffocated by my love
Bruno my heart baby and Me 1999 among the flower-powered calamansi plants. Bruno leers mischievously into the camera. my onliest baby boy

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Greedy and aggressive little food robber since birth till old age

Baby Mwerzh 1993 my onliest baby with his big brother Billy. He missed his brothers Billy and Snoopy when he was hospitalized for gastroenteritis because of his excessive gluttony and cried in joy and happiness like a little sheep when he arrived home and saw them both

Bleatbleat the black baby sheep doesn't like bodies of water
The Mama's Boy sitting on his favorite human chair

The Cutest Christmas Lechon with the biggest fattest butt. Curly Surly Bruno the grumpus on his daily afternoon naps. laziest and grumpiest 7 yr old Mama's boy with a nasty temper Me and 7 yr old Baby Surly Grumpus: the happiest pair on earth