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A Utilitarian World

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Bruno the 8 yr old Mama's boy March 2001  

"There are only 2 kinds of specie on this planet: Prey and Predator."

" Though possible, it is exceedingly Rare to find unconditional love, friendship and acceptance in this world for innately ours is a utilitarian world. Rare it is to find a person who accepts you simply as you are and appreciates you for your inner soul: the inner and real you. Not the outer vehicle shell or body you have been given for this lifetime. It takes a person of real depth and deep wisdom to see through and see inside."

to quote an oft-repeated saying: "Laugh and the whole world laughs with you. Cry and you cry alone...."

Why are people deemed weak, similar to animals in the wild who are deemed weak, cast aside from the flock and usuallly readily preyed on and eaten by carnivores? In the case of humans, weak people are ejected from the mainstream of life.  It is precisely because it is a utilitarian world.  In our vampiric planet: Everything has to serve a purpose: to be used in the crude sense, otherwise it is cast aside, unnecessary to waste time with.  Who will waste his time helping a weak person? Very rare.  Who amongs herd of cattle will go out of his way to assist the weak or young being chased by a carnivore? Almost none, similar to humans. 

Thus, it is a fact that ours is a utilitarian world veering towards parasitism in fact.  There is a "purpose", to use a fancy nicer word for 'use', for even dead carcasses and rotting objects......insects and hordes of parasites would feast on them.  Everyone , from the tiny insect to man are quite interrelated to each other, feed on each other in an endless 'almost perverted' cycle.  Some quasi-civilized people would call this "food chain" as if to excuse the blatant parasitism.  But put them in the shoes of herbivores scrambling for dear life either by being chased for dinner in the wild, or being butchered in the civilized world, and ask them again if the word 'food chain' bears more personal ring to their ears.

Romantic love is a false notion, it is in fact actually, a narcissistic indulgence. When one is in love with someone, it is out of the innate narcisstic reason that one feels special because that other person sees us as special but in reality it is nothing but an 'illusion' of the innate narcissism of humankind. Thus romantic love is in fact actually man being in love with his own self, fascinated by the idea that someone sees him as special, he thus sees that person as narcissistic feeds to feed his personal narcissistic desire to feel "special". Thus romantic love is a foolish figment of imagination that man wastes time and is one of his senseless narcisstic selfish indulgences.  And it is this on man's foolish "romantic love" in reality "narcissism" upon which many a million dollar empires are built on : Valentine's day, fancy stuff, all in the name of 'romantic love': the foolish blind man, but oh he wishes to remain cloaked in ignorance. He wants to believe the other sees him as special: as special as he would want to envision his own self, and hide from the temporal banality of his life and his ordinariness.


Even in the most unconditional of love, people still use each other in a mutual way.  This is inevitable, with the law of nature and our frail bodies, we only do need each other.  But mutualism is rare, the way the system of the world goes, life, just like food, is all about 'food chain cycle' and relationships  veers on parasitism, without any absolute empathy for the drained victim.  Shallow relationships: are utilitarian relationships. Thus, this creates a callous utilitarian society. 


Utilitarian is the right word for our world, as I've stated in my piece 'Why be a Vegetarian', each specie predates on another specie, from the lowest insect to the highest mammal:homosapien, each sucks his life out of the death of antoher. Therefore, all relationships in the civilized man's world is infact more of a business transaction. I give you this, you give me this. Love as the ideal of childhood and unconditional love is rare. Society from the smallest to the larger unit/scales, have expectations and if you fall short, you are the happy outcast.  Although not everyone but most generally : Peers, relatives, colleagues treat you 'your status' based on the amount of your material acquisition or social standing in the social climbing society.  Any person honest to himself, will readily admit it that in our hypocritical society, a  man is sized up by his 'status' 'job' 'material acquisition'. The poor man is mad while  a wealthy celebrity or tycoon is merely eccentric. A simple yardstick to measure would simply be to ask yourself, how would you behave and talk before your janitor or before a 'titled' person such as a king?


And marriages, they fail because people see they have been shortchanged of the business deal which they initially visualized in their illusions. One marries for beauty, money, security, the list is endless. The most abominable are those who marry for money but then again, who are we to judge these clever predators: when the fact is the world is just made of two specie: prey and predator. Therefore, ours is the choice which we are to be: prey or predator. Unconditional love exists but it is rare.  It is easier to find unconditional love in a selfless innocent animal's eyes who ask no more than unconditional love itself and daily care. Man is a complicated creature and his eyes mask a million insincere intentions. Rare it is to find a sincere or true friend. Shallow so-called friendships are in reality decoyed business transactions deals, and we see this in school children, the befriend the popular guy or girl, so as to enhance their own status in their little society no different to the animal kingdom where you have the alpha male and a dozen of docile submissives. As an afterthought, the whole world evolves on parasitism, not to sound a naysayer or negative doomsayer, but in essential truth, this is the way of the world and the reason of the chaos which we cannot deny. We may temporary hide in our sheltered homes but this does not change the fact that chaos reigns in the world. This is because the strong predates on the weak and the weak have no place but to be swept away or killed as outcasts, killed either figuratively or literally is the same in essence. It is no different from the jungle, no different the life in the wild of alpha males and females and predators and prey, where one's own survival is the prime numero uno importance and anything else doesn't absolutely count. When one meets another person, a person of this world automatically sizes him up physically, his looks, status, and then materially, and his value in society. Who looks at one's soul and say this is a 'kind' or 'compassionate person? A person who looks at the soul of another is a rarity in this hypocritical judgmental world.  Hypocrites look twice inside your heart before you claim with head shaking that you are concerned with the "soul" of a man, when you would just readily size up by first glance his social standing. Would a man rather dine with his 'kind' janitor or with a 'royally-titled' person?  Of course he will be scrambling to serve his majesty hand and foot.  Unconditional friendships thrive on mutualism but most so-called shallow friendships in this world are so-like our glorious food chain, thriving on parasitism.  If you have no more money, if you are down and out in the materialistic obssessed society if you have nothing more to give, see if your so-called friends stay with you. This is the general thread of society: marriages, so-called friendships, etcetera.   Rare it is the find unconditional love, friendship and acceptance in this world for innately ours is a utilitarian world. Rare it is to find a person who accepts you simply as you are and appreciates you for your inner soul. Innocence is lost on the most young. Man, once he learns society's ways, his eyes are filled with a million ulterior motives, you just have to size up which way he wishes to use you for his hedonistic inclinations. Man is the same as the predatory carnivore, although his predating instincts are more suave and camouflaged and his needs are more 'sophisticated'. This is our utilatarian world, where man will fight and kill to survive for his own life and pleasure no matter who gets in the way. A parasitic utilitarian world, cold-blooded as the fictional vampires in movies.  We are all actually the living vampires from insects to man.  Underneath the mirage we see: lush greeneries, the grandeur and beauty majestic mountains,  and the civilized sophisticated 'cities' to signifiy progression and sophistication and the peak of civilization.....from the beauty of various differently designed bodies.....creatures of other species and man in itself..........all the beautiful outer physique of this planet..........all this is a sham, a mask, a counterfeit lure or trap to disguise the innate nature of all beings on this planet: vampires who feed on each other's bloods, a cycle of parasitism.  Underneath the beautiful display lies a cold breeding ground of callous souls: humans and all inhabitants of this planet: whose own survival is what solely counts primero uno, no matter who gets stepped on in the process.