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Civilization:the colonizer's burden

* Racial discrimination is one of the biggest cruelties in society. Through my piece I aim to open eyes to the colonial mentality that seems to pervade throughout most societies and the years under colonization that has greatly contributed to this. Each culture has something unique and special to offer and through our diversity we must appreciate our own unique beauty. The western culture has much good to offer just as other cultures do. Appreciating each makes a healthy person but labelling one culture as superior and another inferior is a sign of sickness. People spend their times wasting on such superficial impossibilities acquiring to be someone other than they are not instead of appreciating who they are. Using the cultural entities of another culture such as language, appearances, etcetera as status symbols is the symptom of a very perverse sickness. Colonial mentality is reverse racism. Racism of all form is totally abhorrent. It cannot be negated that Asians suffered deeply under colonization but stereotyping a sect as good or bad is totally erroneous. Generalizing and stereotypification are extremely shallow and unjust acts. There are kind and unkind people in all races and one negative person or group does not blacken an entire sect. However, one must also be truthful to history and show how Asians have greatly suffered through colonialism and as such show how this has caused the present-day 'colonial mentality'. To know the sickness, one must go through the root of it to open our minds, and enable us to realize there are various roads of thinking, and not just 'one' 'correct' method that a certain sect insists and forces upon that is 'totally right'.
To gradually purge colonial mentality out of the psyche, we must realize we are wasting our time on shallow things instead of focusing on more important real cruelties that are 'really' happening daily. We must come to realize all creatures are equal, no matter what race, what sect, what physical appearance or bodily form he takes. We must realize that colonial mentality brings about perverse false values that leads to callousness and cruelty and a overpreoccupation with shallow things.

Oh what a heavy flaming sword of righteousness hung over the colonizer's head centuries ago, in the name of  "God" he heaved and sighed and  selflessly wrought on himself the task of civilizing  them Asian barbarians.  What is altogether perplexing is the fact that Asia was long civilized before he, the colonizer came to know what Christianity was all about. And them Asian brutes were as a matter of fact, living peacefully in harmony and respect with nature and other creatures.   So where from sprouted forth the colonizer's altruistic and extremely 'selfless' desire of civilizing  them uncouth Asian brutes.   India was civilized 5000 yrs ago...the most richest and longest of all cultures.....long before the word 'Christianity' was even coined.  But so heavy is the burden on the colonizer's noble head to  'civilize them barbarians of the Far east, that he just had to do it, in the name of "God". Making them quasi- 'second class citizens' and through much violence and bloodshed , rammed civilization and their religion down the Asians throats. Such was his altruistic spirit. Superiority complex(?) should we say? Now today we can see a reverse trend from a vast majority of insecure Asians who were cowered into submission?  The predominance of religion, politics and media from the West and an altogether world-obsession on pop culture  from the West: making demi-god idols of Western pop figures...and obsession with 'titled' figures...people wanting to dress western look western. Like a title of 'specialty' or a subtle upper caste system has been bestown and cast on these public figures.  Caucasoid is the look every colonially sick person is aspiring to be.  A perverse sickness has spread all throughout the once colonized, now insecure countries who fawn and ooh and ahh over the cult  idols who represented the race of their former lords. Now some Asians want to whiten their skin and aspire to look like their  former masters. It is the height of an ultimate sickness. The plague of colonialism and its aftermath: colonial mentality. These type of people fawn over 'titled' and 'popular' icons of their ex-colonial masters.  Mindless people who fawn over some unknown person and who cannot understand that true admiration sprouts not from 'titles' but to a compassion living to unknown and little known ordinary denizens, helpless creatures of other species they meet in daily life.   Such is the social climbing mentality of some of the colonized masses. And they can never understand because of their preoccupation with superficial things , in other words 'false bodily identification'.  Instead of seeing a creature be it a pig, cow, human, as a creature of God.  They see a person as white, black, red, 'titled', low-class, popular, "prominent", famous, lowly.  Underneath the vehement shakings of a pretentious head lies a hypocrite who is more than eager beaver to hobnob shake elbows with any so-called 'prominent' figure. A measure of a man of humility is how he would behave before a 'perceived royally- titled' person and how he would behave before an animal, such as a pig, with similar compassion likewise. A man who does not have a superiority complex behaves the same knowing they are just equal entities residing in different bodies.  Naturally, because globalization and technological advances came from the west and with the influx of migration, it is inevitable that people, Asians who are immigrants living in Western countries should be assimilated in the Western culture. As a result of this globalization, there is one positive outcome, the interracial blending and the dissolution of the prejudicial boundaries of races,  which should be in fact the essence of humanity as racial and cultural backgrounds are extremely artificial bodily identifications: in the end we are all but one and the same, all equal entities, sparks, souls and parcels of our Creator.  However, there are still some Asian 'dinosaurs' some of the relics of the colonial age who are subtle racists, residing in their own Asian country who use their 'Western' ancestry or acquired manners and way of talking as a 'status symbol'.  This is the hypocrisy of some of the  ‘western’ educated Asians or  ‘eurasians’ who have resided in their own Asian countries for centuries, racist remnants of their colonial past: multitudes of Asians or Eurasians, living in their own homeland,  who either because of their "western  ancestry" or by virtue of their going off to the west to learn a little education then feeling they have been educated in the system of the oh so sophisticated genteel ‘west’ they are special from their native Asian counterparts, 'subtle racists' who feign a ‘western educated’ accent, adopt a  ‘upper-class’ attitude as if they are a special ‘western-ancestried' sect and talk down or patronizingly to the more natively entrenched people.  Some of these people even feel superior to other Asians of other countries not as well endowed in speaking English and thus talk 'down' to them or ridicule or laugh at them silently to themselves. Patting themselves on the back smugly and silently cackling at the lack of adeptness at the English language other Asians have, compared to them.  The height and shallowness of their 'pride' merely reflects the sad state of their character. To be ashamed of one’s own roots is the height of perversity and to kowtow to others(deemed to be higher in the social ring) and feel smug and superior over other Asian counterparts who are not as well-versed in the Western language is such a laughable shallow sense of superiority.  A man of humility behaves similarly when he is talking to a 'deemed' 'highly-schooled' or 'titled person' as he would to a neighborhood streetsweeper or as he would to other species because he knows all creatures are equal, and all these are just false bodily identifications.  He knows that he does not know much at all and still needs to learn so much whereas a little taste of the 'western wine' of education leads a fool to dizzying heights of arrogance feigning a pretentious and condescending air of patronizing 'civilization and sophistication' to his fellow Asian peers. False pride is the offshoot of people who do not know any better. Naturally hypocrites will deny this, but you just have to observe their daily dealings to see the varying 'charades' they put on before 'differing' statuses of people. To be ashamed of one’s own roots, a seemingly acceptable trend this days, is in reality the height of perversity, the ultimate sickness of the soul.  One must be proud of one's roots, own language and heritage.  Even though the pervading thema is 'western' and 'colonial mentality' , inspite of derision and ridicule from unknowing people, one must stick true to what one is, be as yourself inspite of persecution or public ridicule, is the essence of being true to one's self.

 Some of the worst racists are some Asians themselves, similarly observed in many many Asian countries,  who do not possess altogether a shard of spine.  They regard their fellow Asians as second class citizens, talking down to them, refusing them opportunities. These inverted racists wanting only to lick the hands of their former colonial masters.  On the other hand, some westerners and humble asians are capable of appreciating asian cultures and respect diversity.  Asians who are so drugged in colonial worship ,of the most shallow and petty sort of bile, look down in a most condescending way towards their own people and take sick pleasure out of insulting their fellow countrymen, insulting their people's Asian attributes , deeming their physical looks or characteristics as those of second-class citizens, not publicly acknowledged by these twisted racists but underhandedly imputed, they proceed to kowtow to Westerners as demi-gods.  For this attitude, I truly believe such kind of Asians deserve whatever untoward racism they encounter. Spineless creatures who cannot see beyond bodily identification and bullies who only get sheer pleasure and a sick perverse 'power-high' or thrill out of tormenting the weak and weakest, symbolize the epitome of the lowliest form of behavior.  A bully who gets sick perverse joy and satisfaction out of discriminating and insulting helpless innocent people, in order to feel better about his sad and sorry miserable insecure petty self, and proceeds to lick the hands of those 'deemed higher' in the social ring, is simply beyond pathetic.

Colonial mentality, thus, is reverse racism and a more worse and strongly negative form than racism itself, and an offshoot of centuries of subconscious racism. Asians were made to perceive white is the superior race of the elite, the superior color and the superior looks. The onslaught of this whitening soaps and the way these commercials depicts the ultimate height of colonial mentality.  To the foreign eye it may seem absurd, but such is the reality.  What is more ironic is that white people themselves spend a fortune on tanning which goes to show the grass on the other side is always greener.  But this is another story altogether in itself.

   Media seems to take a particular relish in stereotyping asians sometimes into oh so pathetic caricatures, with some unknown asians too hungry for a crumb of popularity they are more than willing to make a complete fool of themselves for a shot at the glorified limelight.  And then you have other asians are stereotyped into disgusting cartoonish characters, some big asians stars subdued into mere menial caricatures. Such is not the essence of asian culture which spanned long before the 'bible' came to exist. So people claim the bible to be the gospel truth, what about the ancient vedic scriptures of India? India after all has the longest civilization in mankind. Does God choose a sect of people as his chosen people? No I dont think so. God is fair we are all equal with equal chances of knowing him. So long before, anyone knew what a Christian is, Indians were long civilized and living a peaceful life respecting nature and other creatures aside from humans. So, are they to be damned because they did not know such a thing as the 'bible'? What an absurd thought. This thinking of various groups of people that they are the right people with the right religion and the centuries of wars in the name of 'religion'. Religion seems to be a designer brand, to show how "correct' one is believing in the 'correct' religion. Apparently it seems to poseur as a subconscious guise for innate narcissism which is a cousin of racism. Western apparently appears to be the standard "ideal" for everything, everyone who looks western, talks western, wears western brands, are cool.



Then you have some movies that abound about the early parts of the bible, depicting Egyptians as the bad guys who oppressed God's so-called chosen people. Come now really, is there really such a thing as chosen people? God is the most fair and whichever country you are from, God does not just choose a particular sect to spread his word. God, being the most 'just' deity, does not play  'favorites' or choose a 'favored sect'.  Tell me then, what about the early civilization, India practiced a deep spirituality, the ancient Vedic Scripture......and China Buddhism....then you have Mesopotamia and Egypt the 4 cradles of civilization.  Just because the Egyptians do not believe in the precious bible does not make them bad guys. The stereotypical almost caricaturish depiction of people of Middle Eastern descent and the early Egyptians in some movies reek of the same mold of 'Far eastern Asian caricatures' being lumped into 'kungfu kicking' 'beads touting' monks which is not the essence of each of their cultures.  Such comical caricaturish stereotypes are the biggest disservice to such great cultures spanning long eras before these people who take relish in condescending them, could even begin to know 'a little' enough to be able to 'look or talk down' on them. People who do not know enough about a certain culture would do better to stop creating myths and black and white stereotypes about a sect of people whom they cannot even begin to fathom comprehend, much more understand.  Putting 'labels' 'caricatures' and 'stereotypes' seems to be a 'civilized genteel' way of 'patronizing' or a reverse back-handed slap, to mask one's prejudices and inner savage and vicious tendencies for racism. Such racists would like to 'lump' a group into a 'label' so they can readily dismiss them as a non-'threat' to their perceived 'innate superiority complex'. By putting such labels on them, they make them into 'laughable caricatures' and thus 'inferior', and by casting them as 'inferior' they therefore cease to be a threat to their 'superiority complex'. However the message sent across becomes very disturbing and totally warps the truth. It would have us believe in such simplistic reasoning that people are just either 'good guys' or 'bad guys'.We are talking of the real world here and real people who are neither black nor white but are encompassed of varying shades of gray. This is reality, not soap opera, fairy tale, or action melodramatic epic myths. Such simplistic black and white propaganda belongs only to the "TV set".  Reality and real people here are not groups of black and white you would lump as 'good' or 'bad'. No particular sect or group of people is entirely black or white. This is a fact, real man is a multitude of grays.  The absurd propaganda of black and white stereotypes reeks of fairy cartoon stories. No wonder there is so much animosity and resentment regarding the West, in the Middle East. And then you have Israeli-Palestine faction, each side claiming his religion to be the 'right'.  To put it bluntly, God does not choose his people as we are all equal creations of God.  And even a pig is a creation of God.  To name one creature lowly and another superior is the a sign merely of false pride.  God does not say oh you are superior and I shall make him inferior. If God is arbitrary, how can he be "all-just" then? Sacrifice one's logic would one have to do so, and being "most rationale" man? Such simplistic reasoning does not take much for even a mentally-challenged person to comprehend what is "just".   If a creature is trapped in a limited vehicle or body, this still does not make him inferior in any sense. He has an equal right to life.


       It is without doubt, racial discrimination exists on a subtle level, as opposed by our supposed professed 'Global' mentality.  Just as man slaughters a pig and then dines on it in fine kitchenry, dressed in finery, using intricate utensils and the oh-so sophisticated 'table manners' feasting on the yesterday 'bloodied' today's 'fried' remnants of a 'pig'. So, does man shakes his head at his civility, using genteel smiles and knowing looks, subtly puts an insult in a sweet patronizing remark or double entendred smile.  So such racial discrimination is oh so- double entendred. With the more spineless groups of those being racially discriminated, instead of being insulted, they go eager beaver to please those who condescend them and strive to make themselves 'worthy' in their eyes.  Colonial mentality, as we can see.


It is a sickness poisining the essence of one's unique individuality. Some asian stars trying to ape western singers instead of being true to one's own self. The market they can only cater to is their own asian market. See, no asian star it is rare for any asian pop star to break through internationally. Most the pop stars who can break through internationally are western.......ever heard of any sitar-playing Indian or Asian oriented-musician making it big internationally, the few numbers that they are, can be counted by the fingers on one's hands. And models, apparently it seems it is being drummed into the world that the ideal look is caucausian...even the 'standard for height' is based on 'Caucausian proportions'. Coincidence or self -serving? You be the judge.  Beauty is universal, not just closeted to one sect as seems to be propagandized.  Instead of appreciating diversity and the unique beauty of diversity, it appears the arrogance of some in some sects their 'superiority complex' seems to tell other sects that theirs is the only 'superior look, sound, etcetera'. Tell me do you see Filipino, Vietnamese, Malaysian Thai models invading the international runway or can count them by the fingers.....the still pervading mainstream still seem to be 'caucausian' with some black black people have assimilated with Western culture ..... to show that racism does not exist that we are oh so modern. But the fact is racism still exists.  Take a big look at the big bright glaring media. And aside from that take a note in daily life, how it exists in subtler forms, not slavery like centuries ago but subtle remarks, patronizing glances, and in the general atmosphere all throughout.  Black people although they have quite assimilated into Western society are not totally free from racism.


The false preoccupation with skin color is totally sick, it is the height of perverseness that scars and warps the souls of people and they spend fortunes whitening themselves to please people who are not worth pleasing at all. This is the shallowness of it all, the market of all these cosmetics and whitening products, the profit it makes is more than enough to save a million pigs from the slaughterhouse.  But who cares about pigs? I will whiten my skin and to hell, with what bloody pig who gets his throat cut tonight.  The theme of such propagandas of some products marketed to asian audiences seems altogether 'demeaning', that I feel myself cringing at the message it is imparting....the message in itself is quite simple but incredibly crass and vulgar : that brown is low-class and to be accepted, to be 'upper class' if there is such a laughable thing as upper class, one must be white. It is so sick and yet everyone laps it up like holy gospel.

        One can indeed admire countries who have stuck to their culture  and even wear their national clothes/dresses up to this present date. Inspite of being told, they would be damned to hell by their colonializers if they did not believe in their said religion, they persist in their own religion and culture and this is very admirable. A person whose spirit cannot be broken is a symbol of a life lived with true passion.

         Although religious tolerance is practiced...doubtful though with regards to the chaos currently abounding which is no doubt in part brought on by religious differences.  Silently, the non-extremists may not violently express that theirs is the right religion but deep in their heart they feel so that they belong to the 'right' religion.  A hypocrite who denies merely fools his own self otherwise why would subscribe to a certain religion if one does not feel it is 'right' according to oneself.  Therefore, religious altercations are more about egoistic trips, a ruffled ego, not altogether about the religion itself per se.....for there is only one Supreme Being, if one would call God to be it.  Therefore all the religious scrambling altercations is all bull and a guise. Underneath are ruffled egos, narcissistic trips, feeling they are wearing the right 'designer' brand of religion.  On top of it, the fascinating ' historical piece' on Adam and Eve is highly amusing. Even our highcourts do not punish the son of a criminal. How much more a God one deems "All Just". One would have to sacrifice one's sense of logic to accept this fact. And do we not pride ourselves as 'rationale' humans. And does not every religion pride its God to be the 'most just'?  How to suffer such a logic.  And one would say scrambling for an excuse, Oh there are things that only God can understand.  A simple thing as justness or fairness needs not much to be understood.  Even an imbecile would know what is fair and not.  It is undisputable God is the most just. You reap what you sow.  Not you reap what others sow. Even our faulty 'human' courts do not punish the son of a convict.  Simply put, it does not matter what God is, he just has different names and there is no superior or right or inferior religion. Spirituality is what counts and a life led in true compassion. The fact is, it is not that our forefathers sinned and we are being punished for the sins of our fathers. It is that we are all rebellious souls; everyone of us is trying to be the master enjoyer in this world. We are not punished for and being made to pay the price for something our forefathers did. Tell me, is the son of a criminal accountable for his father's sin? This is a laughable myth. The fact is man every single one of us, wants to be the supreme enjoyer in this world and thinks of God as our super servant who caters to our every need. WE want to imitate God, we are rebellious, we want to be God so we are put into this world to learn that our innate function is to be the servant, not God. Built in reminders are birth, death, illnesses and loss of loved ones, senseless deaths, nothing can compare to the pain of these things. The politician ends up being the servant of the people, the pet owner serving his dog , the husband serving his wife and children for their sustenance. We will attempt and attempt to milk this planet of every enjoyment we can get at the expense of other creatures, if we are total callous hedonists at heart but nature will show us the consequence of our actions which is the building chaos and poverty in this world. When one negates a small act of sensitivity or compassion, he gradually becomes a callous unfeeling cold-blooded zombie.


God made us so diverse because there is beauty and uniqueness in diverseness. If we all looked like a mass of Caucausian clones the world would be so boring. There is an innate beauty in every race, every culture and every look and we must simply accept our unique individuality instead of stressing ourselves out over nonsensical stuff over a 'certain' look, religion, etcetera. When dissected, it looks all so absurd, but this is the reality. People spending millions of money on superficial things as cosmetics, media, how to uplift themselves in society. On the other hand, millions of pigs are killed daily and nobody cares to add, there is an overbearing atmosphere of callousness , apathy, and indifference, as if what is being done is 'right 'justified' . You have some people crying over the death of a celebrity or 'titled' person they do not even know, they have not even met, and the pig in their neighborhood backyard is getting its throat cut and nobody gives a damn.  Daily pigs are slaughtered, innocent animals , and nobody sheds a tear.  But because of the death of some  "royally-titled" or "famous" person one has not even met or talked to, or known even in-depth if not personally for an entire lifetime, one sheds copious crocodile tears together with ornate flower presentation offerings.  Such enormous extremely laudable 'depth' of character! The social-climbing mentality, one wanting to be associated with a known person, to boost one's own sense of self-importance is such a shallow way of measure, man uses to measure his own worth.  True worth should come from compassion to the unknown ordinary creatures in daily life, in one's daily interactions, if you have been kind or cruel to the creatures you meet in daily routine life, to the helpless and the down-trodden, the unknown. True kindness is the measure of a man not material acquisition or status of those he associates with.  The pre-occupation and obssession with cosmetics media tv personality is a reflection of man's innate narcissism. It is human to admire some people but to the point of obssession whereupon you neglect and are totally ambivalent to the real actual sufferings and cruelty suffered by other creatures. All this points to false bodily identification instead of seeing every creation as an equal child of God, man focuses on empty material labels. Narcissism an innate part of man, can be channeled into more constructive ways and things which are not emotionally cruel to fellowmen or animals. And, instead of literal interpretation of any scripture, man must focus on the results and not the literal. Man gets stuck up on literal things and does not see the big whole. He sees the shrub but not the entire mountain. Instead of observing every literal interpretation of every scripture and doing rituals like holy blind mice, man should put more thought into his daily life and if he is hurting others: both humans and creatures other than us.  Each small act of cruelty or power-tripping abuse to even a perceived 'lowly' creature cannot compensate for a million devout acts of knee-bending mouth-twisting head-bowing prayers. Man focuses too much on rituals and misses out on the big picture.  This is what the colonizers of ages ago, missed out when they tried to "civilize" them 'Asian barbarians'.  He failed to see they were already civilized first. Trapped in the idea of his own 'subconscious' but of course, never 'to be admitted' false grandiosity and 'superiority complex' masking under the guise of holy righteousness....failing to see others where in fact living harmoniously in peace albeit without the industrial advances and amenities....he saw no excuse to use cruel means to force another to his thinking not respecting the differences of humankind.  He saw his beliefs and way of living as the "only correct and possible way", not realizing just as man is diverse so are there diverse ways of living and lifestyles and attitudes one must respect.  The colonizer forgot also that these brutes in fact, were in fact already civilized and at a far earlier time before he could even come to know what the word 'civilization' was in itself.  All this false bodily identification....that one is white, black, red, brown, all these are just bodies, vehicles......everyone is 'equal', whatever body he temporarily resides in. Sure anyone will loudly and proudly scream that today is the age of advanced thinking, but it is undeniable racism still exists, specieism even exists.  When people can discriminate against creatures of other species blatantly and even righteously , racial discrimination, a sibling prejudice of speciesm, is not much far behind.  Racists, due to alleged "veneers" of their 'educational sophisticated background' will not identify themselves readily or blatantly,  masquerading on the facade of morality, religiousity and being "advanced thinkers", they will do their racist enparte in subtle underhanded tactics, they may feign an oh so polite genteel patronizing facade of 'equality and goodness and light' but inside the hearts of such hypocrites cackle a smug sense of self-pride,  a perversed form of nationalistic pride which has turned into racial prejudices and ideology,(nothing wrong with nationalistic pride as long as it's just a healthy acknowledgement of one's roots. Perverse nationalism gives birth to racism and racist mentality and feelings of race superiority) a silent feeling of superiority....biases and even discrimination against all people deemed as "different from them"...leading to a host of prejudices and discriminations.....against homosexuals, etc. All biases and prejudices are rooted in racism and false pride. Man is fearful of anything different from himself. Instead of respecting their right to be, as they are, different unique diverse and beautiful, he wants to condemn them because of his narcissism so he can solely exist as the most superior one, he must condemn them as faulty, different, and in an ironic twist as "the ones with problem", and not him, himself.  He does not want to understand the beauty in difference and diversity as by such, he will lose his own illusions of his grandeur. Wrapped in his self-worship, that he is the good, moral, superior, chosen one. In the end, what counts is NOT what one's religion is, what race one is, how much knowledge one knows.  We are all equal and all these are false bodily identifications.  When you die, you leave a corpse John Doe, just a cold empty corpse, it does not matter what titles you have acquired, what race you came from. What matters is if you have been compassionate to the least and the most helpless of creatures, the outcasts, the weak. If you have subjugated your power and not used it to harm a helpless creature, is the essence of  being on this planet.

When man has overcome his narcissism posing in the guise of racism and speciesm, he will truly have become human.  Until then, he is no different from animals who devour creatures of a different specie. Lacking empathy for the different outer exteriors of all beings on this planet, man's 'civilization' is all but a charade and a hypocritical 'farce'.

            Globalization has made the world smaller and ultimately will bring forth unity of all races and total dissolution and blurring of racial prejudices. But for now racism still exists sometimes on a subtle level and is now inflicted by people of the same race to their own kind, those who use their acquired Western ways  or "Western ancestry" and take this as a sort of 'perverted' status symbol.  Most Asian immigrants or Eurasians living in western countries, who have literally lived and grown up in the western culture, retain utmost humility to their Asian counterparts, proudly acknowledging their roots and yet, in a totally ironic twist, there you have some asians residing in their own countries who have existed for more than a century and they use their  "pretentiously' 'Western acquired' knowledge or "quasi-western "roots/ancestry" as a perverted status symbol, to prove their 'superiority over their more 'natively-entrenched' Asian peers.  Their arrogance is even more appalling than their former colonial masters.  Some of the Asians still residing in their own country , who are part Eurasians, or western-educated, feel a false sense of superiority, that they are literate and oh so educated. The truly educated man is one who is humble and not falsely proud over his newly acquired ‘Western’ education.   In reality the over preoccupation with education titles, this is the downfall of this planet, one that places emphasis on education over compassion.  So does it matter what kind of technology we have acquired? Has our planet improved over the centuries because of the knowledge we have acquired? Convenience wise, yes. But in a bigger totality?No. Now there is more destruction than ever, and chaos.  Soon we will run out of resources: global warming etc. why some countries are recycling their own water.  And inspite of how much we have advanced medically, nobody still can create life.  Does understanding what composes water , enable us to create water. It exists as it has existed before we even existed.  What has changed is our destruction of nature, and the hardening of our hearts, the more we think we know a little, with our self-acquired human titles positions, we feel superior enough to go about and destroy our planet, blinded in our superiority. Indeed pride is the disease plaguing mankind. He who knows little thinks he is so 'superior' so privileged and so important and so powerful "God's special creature" that he has the 'biggest superiority and right' to destroy nature and kill creatures of other species.

         Speaking English has become a sort of status symbol for some of these  Asians. Some are even ashamed to speak their own native tongue.  There will be vehement protestations but hypocrites know what they are deep down in their hearts.  A person who is ashamed of his heritage is the most spineless of all creatures. English is merely a tool of conversation, because industrialization and technological modernization came from the West, and the richest and most politically powerful countries are from there, it is but natural that English should as a consequence of their technological and monetary power, become now an international tool of communication and nothing wrong with that. Globalization, the rise of new technology is good, and Western education is productive as it enables us to communicate globally.  However speaking English, is merely just that, a tool.  The way some people use it as a status symbol is incredibly appalling and the height of perversity.  To look down on others is the height of arrogance.  We are all equal.  The patronizing attitude of some of these  Asians are even worse than their former colonial counterparts. Indeed, as they say the oppressed are more oppressive. With fake accents, and feigned Western nuances and hobbies, these people hobnob and aspire to be like their Western counterparts, longing to hobnob with anyone up in the social ring.  The incredulous height of their arrogance is that; as they are so meek and kowtow like a submissive geisha to any Western people they meet, these kind of people on the other hand, feel an infinite sense of superiority towards their fellow Asian counterparts who are not so well versed in the English language. To their fellow Asians, they paste the most smug faces with their pretentious colonial accents, social graces and put on the most genteel patronizing voice which is in itself reverse racism or a backhanded slap.   Because they speak English well, it is as if they have developed a special white coat of skin.  When you see others at the receiving end of their patronizing attitude or you yourself become a victim, you cannot help but feel anger and indignation on the person who is at the receiving end of subtle cruelty, ridicule and insult by virtue of the backhanded slap of their patronizing attitude.  Some of these Asians, they are quite ashamed of their roots and would gladly acquiesce that they are 'Western schooled' 'a tinge of Western blood/ancestry'etc., etc.  Quickly they deny their Asian counterparts (of same race), in subtle gestures and double entendred talks naturally and then they talk down to them in a 'different' way whereas when they talk to the more 'Westernly influenced' people they would shake their heads off discombobulating in adulation and worship. Very admirable, these kind of people?  This points to the bigger problem of our society, a false placation of values, instead of focusing on compassion to the weaker members and species.  Ours is a society akin to the uncivilized society in the wild: The survival of the fittest: with the strong preying on the weak, and the weak on the outside of the dog eats dog world,  then some kowtow to those in the high position of the social ladder just like wild animals where you have an alpha monkey and half a horde of hanger-ons.  The reason these people kowtow to the West is because these countries are powerful monetarily, politically, etcetera.  And so they want to identify with them, and prey on the weaker of their own kind.  A change of perspective is direly needed.  A change of placation of values, not on false bodily identification like race, titles, etc. Man thinks he is so sophisticated but he is little more than the animal of the wild who kowtows to the "alpha" animal of the pack.  Instead of false bodily identifications, we need to see all creatures as equal, no matter what race, no matter what specie.  Nobody needs to bow to the popular trend for acceptance.  A false sense of fear and a paranoid need for being popular or approved or belonging to the masses, no matter if what they believe in is right seems to be a mentality plaguing mankind for years.  Another word for this is MOB mentality.  As long as you know what is right and does not incur pain to others in your heart, you do not need the approval of a million unthinking people who think it is okay to slaughter a pig, and okay to whiten their skins at the risk of their own health and pockets.