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Assorted Photos

Prissy Missy Ana the jealous girl resting on her mini-bed. Uncle Ngee is not welcomed by her to sit on the sofa . She will snottily sneeze and glare at him or move away
in the mountains with Ana
Ana is a papa's girl. She sits on frontseat excited to go to mountains. we are near approaching the entrance
me fooling around with ana and uncle ngee
me after climbing waterfalls
Ana gets a taste of my suffocating love
Ngee and me. Ngee is an extremist personality like me: very passionate about his 'own' beliefs and principles and also his loves/hates likes and dislikes. He is very loving and clinging. We are both senile-brained(our brains run in ultra slow-motion) and both bull-dogedly loyal
Me and Ngee: Don Quixote and his most loyal and loving Sancho Panza :-) Sowchow needs lots lots lots of love. and loves to put his big head on my lap so that I can cuddle him, pet his head, and pull and tickle his little swine ears.. He grunts like a porky swine and wants to be petted this way all the time. He is a very very loving pig. He will take love and pettings over food anyday unlike his niece the tricky and clever Missy Ana. Unlike his big brother baby Bruno and the prissy missy Ana who are both a bit independent minded and like to be left alone sometimes, Ngee is the most clinging muggersow he wants to put his sourmugger chin on my lap so I can pet him and tickle his porky ears if possible he wants to be petted 24 hours a day :-) my hands get mighty tired of petting him but Sowchow never gets tired of being petted and hugged