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Uncle Ngee's Porky Pics

Demon pig Shake hands! up goes the little porkknuckles not more than 1 inch long . Ngeeya has not gone to porky school as he has a head the size of a huge basketball but the brain the size of a sesame seed. :-) To make up for it he is a very loving and clinging swine. but a true blue imbecile. takes 5 minutes to realize where the door is of his dogpen. If Ngeeya had gone to porky school, there are only 2 possible scenarios: the trainer might shoot him dead out of exasperation....or ngeepee will lockjaw the trainer's arm as Uncle Ngee has a 'swine' temper :-)
Demon Pig
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a very loving pig. kissing pig. Ana totally hates her Uncle Ngee, is filled with disgust on the thought of sharing her sofa with him. After giving him a few disdainful looks, Ana the prissy dainty missy puts on a 'horrified' look at her barbaric Uncle Ngee's swinedorous habits. Porkash



A very loving sow Dancing Swine. dances when happy esp. when going out for carrides his seat at the back with special cover to cover his malodorous body odor. Chews the seats and tries to bite the head of anyone who sit in front. usually his big brother Bruno and any other human head. Insecure creepers is jealous of his big bro. Ngeepers is very loving and clinging but is also a very violent and jealous swine :-) scroll down for more porky pics



Porkrind A Clinging filtherbeast