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I would like to use this page to thank the following people whose unconditional kindness to me at a time I was really down, meant so much. Thank you to Dr. Jean Hofve, Dr. Paul Weiseth, Dr. Gary Geedub, Dr. Kevin Hahn, and Dr. Annette Smith. Even if I was a virtual stranger, you unconditionally took your time to patiently help me and offered me kind understanding and compassionate sympathy. The compassion you extended me is priceless. I will forever remember your kindness. Thank you so much. To Dr. Jean Hofve , especially. Thank you so much, meeting you is one of the biggest blessing in my life. You are my God-sent angel. From my tragedy came a real blessing in having known you. I do not know what I would have done without you and your kind words and letters guiding me through that period. You are life's biggest blessing to me, a fellow soulmate, and the truest priceless friend one can ever be greatly blessed with to have in this lifetime. To Dr. Paul Weiseth, thank you so much for your compassion, empathy and kind words. It meant so much.
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