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Hypocrisy of Civilization

Man perceives himself to be the most important creature in this planet.  This is the basic thread each self righteous self deceiving religion runs on.  Man: the most important creature or the 'only creature' made in God's likeness. Everything in this planet is made to serve HE: the most important man, who in his own religions, professes himself to be the most humble or humility as his utmost virtue? Paradoxical?

And yet see, if man, by his virtue of his own importance, could he survive without the other animals, or  plants and nature from which he gets his own daily sustenance. By sheer truth, man is a taker, plants, animals, and nature join hands to provide pompous grandiose man, the most important creature on this planet, his daily sustenance of water, air, food and shelter. Without the them, I wonder and shudder what would the most 'magnificent' man do? Die, perhaps?

The greatest sham and scam and the greatest tragedy befalling mankind, is the creation of such a thing called as 'religion'.  From which man, derives his 'mono-egoistical' view of himself and the world. Instead of seeing himself as part of a beautiful symbiosis, an equal part and entity of nature, animals and this planet, he sees himself as the supreme creature( naturally, hypocritically righteous religion would deny this) and everything else on this planet are made to serve him.  This figment of a fairy tale serves to fuel his grandiose fantasies of himself as the most superior being made in God's likeliness.  And such, why is there global warming, and lots of other natural disasters impending to come and befalling on the most important man?  It is because of his superior nature.  Why are there greenpeace activists, environmental activists, etc. etc.? These enlightened creatures are trying to save the planet from self-destructing, the self-destruction brought about by man's pompous nature, his religious belief that he is the only image of God which gives him right by virtue of his innate superiority to use and abuse animals for his own self -serving purpose.

Ask any holy Christian,  if a pig suffers at the moment of slaughtering and he'll asnwer with a holy smug righteous smile that animals are made for man.  Indeed! And ask him if it is true that his religion espouses 'humility ' and 'compassion'? Oh indeed! The most civilized man, so adept with playing with words to mask his selfishness and project a nauseatingly hypocritical facade of his own holiness.

The planet is self-destructing.....with fewer rainforests, deforestation, the wiping out of species of animals, global warming, bird's flu, mad cow's disease, air pollution, although merely 'small' symptoms yet, this are manifestations of man's 'egoistictical monocentric' religions.

Man is the most blind hypocritical fool. He worships a so-called God, sings holy hymns, bows a million times, and dresses in brand new clothes to attend his congregation, feigning a morally clean without reproach attitude.  And daily he goes about butchering pigs, cows, littering the planet, sadistically power-tripping ordinary people and then kowtowing to those moneyed famous, statused members of human society.  Instead of seeing every drop of water, every breath of fresh air, every single animal, a pig a bird, a cow as a creature, a child of God. Instead of seeing God in every wonder he sees in daily life. He destroys every little part of this planet, animals, nature, and proceeds to worship 'the wind' in his Sunday congregation, singing unending hymns to his so-called God.  Instead of seeing God, in every wonder of creation in his daily life. Man is the most hypocritical wretch, who takes advantage of and abuses every creation and then proceeds to sing God's praises and call himself a devout 'follower' of God.  It is part fo this false preoccupation of celebrities, perceived 'titled' persons of society. Man wants to worship certain creatures as special, instead of seeing every creature as equal. Every human pees and shits just as every mammal and every creature on this planet does. Every creature, every beast has flaws and good sides. The true specialty is in the ordinariness and yet uniqueness of every single creature.  Instead of seeing God as some unreachable diety, man fails to see that God exists in every animal, in every part of nature.  That is the true essence of God. When you abuse any creature, when you inflict suffering and pain on any innocent animal and when you destroy nature, you are abusing God.  God is in the pig or cow you are  butchering and feasting upon this Christmas, my friend! God is in the trees you have cut to get a million profits. God is in the raccoons and foxes you have skinned for your coat. God is in the bears whose gallbladders you are milking alive.  God is in the elephants who you have murdered for their tustks.  and God is in the chickens whose necks where screaming to high heavens before you had them cut off for your barbecued dinner. and God is in the poor horses and poor buffalos who are your beating and pushing to work menial labor and then slaughtering them when they are useless to you.  So do not go about singing your hypocritical hymns in your congregation because they sound totally lame and disgusting. It is altogether a meaningless charade. Hypocrites only fool their ownselves in the end. Hypocrisy is merely lying to your own self if you can live out your entire life as one big fat lie.

Although most believe do believe in a God a Supreme diety, it is yet for us to see. One can claim many things but essentialy it is just borne of faith and yet atheists do exist precisely because there is no scientifically factual basis on this.

And yet.....whether God exists or not remains to be seen. I am not saying he or does not exist...he may or may not exist, proof is why there are many intellectual agnostics.... and yet the REAL TRUTH is animals do suffer, nature suffers. This is the real truth and if you would belive in God you would believe that all things on this planet are entities creations of God and what compassionate and most just God would allow his creations to suffer your hands, because you are so special? And yet a just deity does not condone suffering by mere hierarchy of status. When does the suffering of a creature become less important, merely because he is not intelligent enough? Merely because he is poorer? Merely because he is an animal? Do animals not have nervous systems same as ours? If by virtue of lesser intelligence, is it not theoretically right to conclude that we can kill them autistic people or with intellectual abnormalities? And science have proven dogs and pigs to have similar IQ as that of a few year old toddler? Kindly explain your just right to inflict suffering or keep a blind eye to it.

Monoecentric and Egoistic, fueled by the 'holy' thing as religion which reaffirms his superiority, man is self-justified to use everything on this planet for his self serving purpose, kill for food, etcetera. And yet by virtue of your own rationale, observe how the planet is faring because of man's religion? Why is there global warming now and a dozen threats alarming man's very existence?

There is only one basic reason, apparently is man's monocentric religion very 100% true?

Or are not the Asian religions which espouse unity and oneness with nature, a harmonic symbiosis valuing and placing equal value and importance on animals, plants, and man equally , each equally valuable part of this planet essential to survive, without abusing each or the other.

And yet Asian religions, in the aftermaths of colonialism have rejected their own ancient beliefs, scrambling to whiten their skins, to make themselves look Caucausian, belittling their own kind, and even mocking them, grabbing to sell their natural resources for a pack of imported goods. Selling nature for worthless cash and industrialization? And ending up a polluted wasteland reeking of poverty.

Man is truly very civilized and wise beyond words. He deserves not just a pat on the back but a loud encore for the way he is advancing this days and for his success in running the planet.

"Religion is an ambiguous and instrinsic term.  To claim one is religious would be to claim one is a true follower of one's religion and the basic thread each religion runs on is that it is the true religion. Why does one follow a certain religion? Because one believes it is true.  Why does one not follow other religions? Because one does not believe its teachings.  It is thus, correct to infer, if one does not believe, then one assumes it is false, otherwise, why would man not believe something if he believed it is true.  Thus, if one believes in one religion, thus would one not honestly believe other religions to be either of lesser value or flawed in some ways?

  As everyone is so civilized, nobody would admit to this but instead say some fancy terms that Oh this just happens to suit my beliefs, or other polite fancy civilized terms to hide one's non-belief at the theories of other religions.  But it all boils down to the point, despite the fancy words, to the innate reality and truth that precisely: why would one subscribe to one religion compare the other: it is precisely because one believes its theories are more true and correct and one doesn't believe in the others' teachings.  Religious wars as history has shown are a result of each religion wanting to convert others to its 'religion'. Why ? Tell me. Is it because it humbly believed it was NOT  the TRUE religions?   Because if it is not true, then what would be its point to exist? It would therefore cease to create belief among the people and therefore cease to exist, disbelief from the public would threaten its very own existence. Therefore, each religion exists basically on the fact of the 'truth' of its teachings.

But this is beyond the point. Whatever one's religion is: does not matter.  True religiousity is not what one's religion is. It does not make a tiny bit of difference. True religiousity is not being a truest believer of one's religion.   History has proven that sectarianism only promotes disunity and anarchy, envy, comparison. Religious wars occured because of the need to convert others to their religious way of thinking, believing themselves to be right.  We can see this in present daily attitudes of some people.......: My belief is more correct than yours. Tit for tat.  A shoddy display of narcissism rather than religion in itself.  My belief is superior to your.......etc. etc.

What is true religiousity? It is True spirituality:  True spirituatliy that does not bother with whatever your beliefs are but  practices compassion in daily life to the helpless unknown creatures: humans or of other species.  True compassion is practiced in one's daily job: if you have used your job by being compassionate to others, assisting others, in the way which you have been equipped: that is true religion and spirituality.  People who claim to be religious on Sundays and then go about power-tripping in their daily jobs, sadistically wreaking their power and relishing this on innocent victims are the entire opposite of what they claim to believe in.  They are the cruel calloused  denizens of society. Cruelty is not just the 'horror-story' type of cruelty.  Cruelty is in small acts, callousing the soul to perfect insensitivity.   Cruelty is when you have used the power vested in your limited vehicle of a body, to abuse helpless, ordinary, unknown creatures who are powerless and at your mercy.  Insensitivity and indifference are roots of cruelty, leading to sadism, power-tripping: abuse of power, and as a whole a chaotic hardened cruel society."


Man is the ultimate hypocrite.  In reality he is no different from other  mammals he scoffs at as beneath him, or inferior to him.  The only difference is man is a hypocrite. He has found a way to make himself appear "civilized".  If only in this aspect, at 'pretending', he may be lauded as a 'superior' pretender. 


Man the "most civilized creature" lives in an extremely "civilized" world where countries surround themselves with "nuclear weaponry".  Is this the "religious spiritually morally enlightened" society of "civilized" man where he must amass such destructive weaponry for his status and safety? Where in actual reality, the measure and basis of " power" and strength of a country lies in its military and nuclear weaponry?  As such, apparently man is not different after all from the fellow mammals or primates he so condescends as being "uncivilized" who are living in the wild jungle and whose hierarchy of power are based on the 'survival of the fittest and strong or "bully" theory'.  Man thrives in the same system,fueled by the same instincts of self-preservation. The only difference is: man refuses to acknowledge that he is essentially ruled by such mundane selfish instincts as his fellow mammals.  Unlike mammals and other creatures who are quite content transparently displaying their self-centeredness and the system of hierarchy their society functions on;  But no, under the guise of spirituality and "civility", man must use fancy words, fancy dresses, fancy everythings to appear oh so sophistacated and deny the fact that his society is similarly bestial to that of other mammalian creatures.  He must naturally of course "save face". Hiding his barbaric urges under the rug burying them like dredges and shadows in the night, he pastes a sophisticated professional smile, continually in denial that his society is in shambles and put on a show  of 'civility', that he is all "goodness' and "morality".  But who is he fooling? Maybe just himself. He is in constant denial unable to face the truth "the dark" side of his nature which is of course 'natural'. Man as with all creatures have both selfish and selfless inclinations. But man must be totally "moral" and thus with a flaming sword slays all his dark side, denying they ever existed. Who him? The most sophisticated "civilized' creature made in God's own special likeness? Never. He is special, superior, only he has "God's likeness". Only he is a "civilized creature". 


Under poseurings of "morality", poseurings of "being a responsible religious citizen", poseurings of "civility" , poseurings of "professionality" masked with sophisticated attires and 'feigned genteel' accents, lies a creature no different than any mammal. Try to see his insides and see if he is not guided by the same selfish self-motivated instinct guiding animals such as self-preservation, selfishness, self-interest.  Of course who can blame him, man, when he is just a mere speck in this world, much like all mammals, at the mercy of nature and the laws of it.  Nevertheless, one would like a little transparency of heart.  It is one thing to claim you are holy or if not, feel such, or poseur as such, invoking the cloak of professionality and quasi-civilized demeanor and citing religious quotations or your brand of religion or your value as a moral religious citizen of God, it is another thing to be callous, oblivious to sufferings of all the littlest creatures and even other species on this planet. As if  being a creation of God negates the fact that other species are also creations of the God one invokes.  This obsession with labeling the pride that emanates as a desire to label this sect/specie/ or group as either superior or inferior is the most perverse trait ailing man.  It is normal to be selfish and think of one's self most the time, but let us not pretend we are such 'altruistic' sophisticated civilized species who are all goodness and light.  Dining in expensive clothes, ornate surroundings, with specific utensils for specific entrees, we want to prove we are the height of sophistication........eating what? The fried entrails of a pig that was last night butchered in blood by some of the less-materially endowed denizens of society to do the dirty work for our prissy palates.  It is always said that hiding our dark instincts and uncivilized urges, makes it come out in a more perversed form.  We should learn to live comfortably and daily with our dark side and be brave enough to admit it and show it in broad daylight. Man claims he is a "rational creature" this is out of false pride, in reality, his true nature and heart is guided by a million uncivilized illogical urges. Emotions are illogical but man tries too hard to bury and hide them in the dark recesses of his psyche. As a result they come out in more perversed manisfestations: the result a chaotic "civilized" society which does not know how to deal with "irrational uncivilized urges" or provide a constructive positive outlet for it, and insists on just hiding, burying this aspect of the person, furthermore denying that part of them even exists and then desperately struggling amidst futile attempts of drowning, to put on the most fascinating spectacle of a facade of goodness, pious light, righteousness and "genteel civility".   The main problem with man is his puffed up idea of his own grandiosity and superiority above all specie but see his society: is it peaceful or very loving for the very pious and 'rational' righteous man?  It is the most chaotic; man creates the most destruction on this planet as blatant daily facts will prove.  All his inventions and technological advancements are all self-serving purposes for his own survival as such they cannot be considered 'real contributions' to the planet. It is man's real contribution to himself: to make his life easier and more pleasurable.  When you look clearly on the global scale, you will see that resources are depleted compared to eons of years ago and pollution and overpopulation is soaking the earth dry of its resources.  To add, a million people filled with chaotic irrational urges who do not know how to provide a constructive outlet for their innate irrationality, have to deal with hiding their nature under some hidden recess in their psyche, and daily deal with a double-faced society that espouses righteous, holiness, goodness and light and yet is extremely callous and quite the opposite of what it espouses.  Priding himself to be the rational creature, man struggles in a rampant hide and seek with his soul to hide a million irrationalities of his true nature which he would seek to deny rather than admit and negate his superiority and shudder, the horrors of it admit that he may be nothing more different than his fellow mammal, the irrational species.  Underneath man's external mask of sophistication lies an 'irrational' creature ruled by emotions more than 'pseudo' quasi' "religious and moralistic 'professional' ideology" are nothing more than lame futile  attempts at civility......pathetic facades, superficial pretensions to make man 'appear' MORE than what he actually really "is" inside. A tiny little wretch of a speck trying to survive in the somehow ambiguous unpredictable world, whose fate depends quite unpredictably just like other inhabitants of this planet.  No different from his fellow mammals. To rip away man's external 'civilized' mask, one just to see how man behaves deprived of any so-called most prized possession he has or values most dearly in life, and see if he does not behave similary as a screeching infantile neighborhood primate or mammal; the more clever and adept pretender of a man may still yet mask his emotions in public but to his own self, deep inside his heart, is a burning pit seething with frustration and bitterness over the loss of his self-motivated pursuits and wants.  Man instead of being taught to deal with and accept and show his dark side, is forced to be a double-faced hypocrite by a society that places prime value on 'material acquisition' social status, popularity based on the most shallow and trivial things, and a population obssessed with media and celebrities.  This society that masks under the face of goodness and justness is a society no different from the society of the animals in the wild, where survival of the fittest reign supremes, where the one with the most bucks reigns supreme, in the case of animals the one with the most bananas for apes and chimps, and the one with the most carcasses for lions.  The one who is most aggressive and strong rules.  Unlike animals who are quite content and comfortable in displaying their self-centeredness. But no, man must be special, he must claim all the goods, be totally callous and cruel and yet claim he is the most moral and religious, he attends religious congregations  almost weekly if not on a daily basis. So what if he is callous daily to his fellow men or creatures of other species?  So man's own self-made society is in fact more chaotic compared to the animals' who have lived for eons in the wild without destroying nature, living peacefully in their own 'clan', carnivores killing a few animals for their lifetime of survival, but not taking more than what they need.  Nature has survived and coexisted with them very healthily. But man? Apparently not, man wants more than what he can chew. But is he happy with his double-entendred society? Apparently, hiding uncivilized urges comes out in more distrubed and dark emotional outlets as can be seen in our "overcivilized" society plagued with endless wars, and now  "terrorism".  On the other hand, the what man would call as simple primates or animals... Bonobos, are living quite happily in their forest sanctum, man being the only predator that destroys their natural habitat out of greed.

Feigning righteousness, yet filled with more greed than lacks the emotional transparency and in his hypocritical destructiveness wreaks the most havoc on this planet and other species.  Fueled by illusions of his own "religiousity" as a moral congregation attending citizen, veiled under the cloak of professionality, yet in reality a callous shell of a zombie whose sole purpose of existence is garnering more material acquistion, thus more sense pleasure, and thus accelerating his climb in the social registry ladder.....a numb unfeeling zombie who is totally callous to other humans and more so to animals deemed a lower specie.....lacking "empathy" whose very nature does not select form or specie,the very essence or core itself of religious or spiritual life......this is the "overcivilized man" what a paradox

 Man is indeed the most double entendred specie, the best pretender or actor. Capable of saying one thing and feeling and doing another thing. Masking his real feelings and saying another thing, under the mask of "civility" righteousness and his moral fiber as a religious citizen. Playing a hide and seek game with his conscience, doing callous, if not cruel deeds daily and then patting himself on the back for performing certain weekly religious rituals and assuring himself he is masked by the 'professionalism' of his profession. He is the ultimate hypocrite. If only for this one single aspect I believe, he must be truly lauded, in his "true superiority".